BETA 2023 RR 4T 430 ENDURO

$14,695.00 $13,695.00
Make: BETA
Model: RR 4T 430 ENDURO
Year: 2023
Condition: New
Colour: Red, Black & White
Engine: 430
Ride Away: No
Type: RR 4T

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A favourite amongst the riders that look for open class horsepower combined with the nimbleness of a smaller capacity machine, the RR430 delivers that Italian thoroughbred style of horsepower delivered via Beta Motor's unique smooth transition that only a dual injected power plant can provide. Combined with the dual map switch that now features added traction control, all this power can now be utilised in all conditions.

ADR and LAMS compliant in all Australian states and territories.


To quote Bonnie Tyler's famous song from the 1980s, nothing sums up the latest additions to the Beta family better than the words, "simply the best, better than all the rest...". While the world is rediscovering the values of essential functionality, Betamotor continues to ride a wave of impressive motorsport victories and began the 2022 edition of the Enduro World Championship as incumbent champion once again. It is in this context that the Rignano sull'Arno-based constructor presents the new MY2023 RR range, which carries over many of the characteristics that made its predecessor so unbeatable last season, but which has been revised with several significant new features introduced across the range, plus other specific upgrades to certain models, to maintain the unassailable supremacy of the RR family as a whole.

Beta worked in close collaboration with the Enduro champions Brad Freeman and Steve Holcombe to develop new solutions regarding both the powertrain, frame and suspension package for the MY2023 RR range, to consolidate the already highly acclaimed characteristics of the previous generation. As always, the guiding philosophy of the engineers at Rignano sull'Arno has been to not only increase the performance of the brand's bikes but also make this performance even more accessible. So rather than major changes, this model year has gained a series of upgrades intended to consolidate all the outstanding qualities of each model. Completing the picture is a new all-red colour scheme and new plastics with a more linear and sleeker design than before, providing the RR with an even more minimalist look. Some say 'less is more', Beta believes that only the very best will do, and creates bikes with only what you need, whether racing or out on a Sunday ride with your mates.


  • Suspension: Beta never stop developing the frame and suspension of its bikes. In the quest for an even sharper, more pure rider feeling, Betamotor's engineers have revised the internals of the front fork - a ZF component, as on the previous generation - for the 2023 model year. First and foremost, the geometry of the oil passages around the fork piston has been modified to eliminate any throttling effect completely and ensure impeccably smooth damper action throughout the entire travel. By creating freer-flowing oil return passages, this improvement opens up even greater possibilities for setting up the fork, as eliminating all impediments to the oil flow means that even the smallest change in setting produces a noticeable result. This improves rider comfort and a more supportive fork throughout the initial movement of the damper. Therefore the bike remains composed and controllable even in rough terrain.
  • Radiator Tank Shrouds: one of the changes over the previous generation with an impact on both style and function is the revised shape of the new radiator shrouds on the RR range. The new shrouds are narrower than before to give the rider more freedom of movement, especially when cornering in a motocross style with the bike learned sharply into the bend and with the inner leg extended forwards. More ergonomically shaped than before, the shrouds let the rider assume a snugger position on the seat with the bike gripped firmly between the legs for an even better rider feedback. The sleeker new shrouds also contribute to the revised, simple, and essential new look of the bike.
  • Graphics: all models now feature a new all-red colour scheme. The style of the graphics is more minimalist than before, with bold, clearly defined forms and purer, more modern lines which emphasise the muscular shape of the bike and link the new shrouds seamlessly to the other components.  

In addition to the upgrades across the entire family, there is a number of improvements specific to certain models, which take performance to even greater heights:

  • Traction control: the most significant new feature in the 4 stroke range is the introduction of traction control, which made its debut last year in the 4 stroke Racing models. To make the performance of its models ever more acessible to the rider in any situation, all 4 stroke Beta enduro models now boast traction control. The traction control function on RR models is selectible by the rider from a button in the usual position between the steering tube and fuel tank. The rider can disengage traction control at any time and in either of the available engine maps, while the fuction itself is calibrated differently for each of the two maps. Offering riders a choice of 4 different electronic control configurations.
  • Exhaust header: all 4 stroke models feature a new exhuast header with a longer duct geometry then on previous generations, improving engine response at low engine speeds and increasing torque at mid-range engine speeds. The result is a more tractable power delivery across the entire rev range, letting the ride get themselves out of trouble more easily or choose to use a higher gear than they normally would, for a more relaxed riding experience.
  • Engine map: today, even enduro bikes (which seem simple in appearance) come with advanced electronics. To take full advantage of the increased torque at low to medium engine speed made available by the new exhaust header, 4 stroke models now feature dedicated new engine management maps which spread the power curve out more uniformly across the entire usable range of the engine, making the performance of the even bigger displacement Beta RR models completely useable.

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