Make: BETA
Year: 2023
Condition: New
Colour: Red, Black & White
Engine: 200
Ride Away: No
Type: RR 2T

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RR 200 Racing MY 2023

The chassis set-up and engine derived from its smaller sibling, ensuring an extremely lightweight feel and excellent handling, but with substantially greater torque and power. Electric start as standard for added convenience, just perfect for enduro enthusiasts.

ADR and LAMS compliant in all Australian states and territories.

An all-new level of performance! 

Spring has arrived – and as usual Betamotor presents the new RR Racing MY 2023 to warm the hearts of Enduro fans! In keeping with Beta traditions, the RR Racing range of bikes come complete with everything needed to transform the Enduro models of the Tuscan brand into machines ready to race in the toughest conditions and the most competitive events. range through its paces!

The main new feature of the 2-stroke and 4-stroke Racing My 2023 models is the introduction of the Kayaba (KYB) rear shock, specially made by the Japanese suspension experts for Betamotor’s Enduro bikes. It benefits from the best materials and the most modern research carried out together with Beta engineers, enabling a major evolutionary step in the bike’s suspension. The Racing model range is finished off with new Racing graphics, highlighting the sleek shape of the new radiator shrouds introduced on the RR a few months ago, and a number of different components, such as the handguards.

The racing pedigree of Beta’s Enduro range is evident in the RR Racing MY 2023 in a number of ways:

Racing components

  • Quick release front axle: immediately recognisable by the red anodised alloy release lever, the axle is crucial for saving precious seconds in a race when you need to change a tyre.
  • Reinforced handguards: The new handguards, designed and manufactured in-house by Betamotor, feature a two-component material mould, in red and blue, which not only give the bike a racing look but also make them especially hard-wearing in even the toughest off-road use.
  • Metzeler tyres: the bikes of the Racing range are fitted with the same tyres used by the official team riders in the EnduroGP championship. High-end products with championship-winning levels of grip!
  • CNC alloy footpegs: to ensure maximum control at all times and ensure no loss of contact with the bike, the RR Racing models are fitted with black CNC racing footpegs with steel pins, featuring a large contact surface area.
  • Rear sprocket with anodised aluminium core and steel teeth by ZF Sprockets: top-class performance, lightness and strength – the perfect mix of all the attributes any racing component must have.
  • Dedicated blue racing seat: with anti-slip gripper cover and document holder pocket for unparalleled grip, comfort and practicality.
  • Anodised black gear lever and a rear brake pedal.
  • Gearbox oil filler cap, engine oil filler cap and oil filter cap anodised red aluminium.
  • Chain tensioners in red CNC alloy.
  • New Racing graphics and red and blue rim decals.


  • 48 mm Kayaba AOS closed cartridge fork: on the suspension front, the MY 2023 retains the closed cartridge fork by KYB. This product has been continuously honed through collaboration between Beta and Kayaba, giving shape to a highly specialised component that not only maximises the performance of RR Racing bikes, but also makes this performance even more accessible. Anodised internal parts and the new treatments administered to the materials minimise sliding friction, while adjustable compression and rebound damping let each rider find the perfect customisation of the setting. Betamotor engineers have recalibrated the setting so that the fork works optimally in synergy with the new rear shock.
  • Kayaba C46 RCU Mono: The main change as far as the suspension of the RR Racing models is concerned is the first ever use of a Kayaba rear shock, specifically designed and manufactured for Beta’s 2 and 4-stroke RR Racing models. The new shock’s hydraulic setting can be fully customised by adjusting the external compression (both high and low speed) and rebound settings. The joint research of Kayaba engineers and Betamotor’s R&D department in Rignano sull'Arno led to the development of a shock that is particularly effective in enhancing the dynamic aspects of the vehicle, under all conditions of use. KYB shocks are seen as a gold standard in the racing scene in terms of its ability to absorb the roughness of the terrain, the level of traction transferred to the vehicle and the consistency of performance even under particularly heavy use, where the high temperatures generated by the suspension’s damping activity tend to make the component’s performance fluctuate. There has therefore been an improvement in the bikes set-up, both in racing use (for which the setting is intended) and in more amateur use, where there is an overall increase in ride comfort.

Oil Mixer

For the models of the RR Racing 2T MY 2023 family, Beta has decided to stick with its choice of doing away with an automatic mixer, so that its Racing bikes continue to set benchmarks for lightness and, as a result, agility. RR Racing 2T bikes must therefore be fuelled with oil/petrol pre-mix – a characteristic accentuating the thoroughbred racing nature of this version. These bikes can still be fitted with an aftermarket oil mixer, available as an accessory from the Beta Factory Parts catalogue.

Engine - RR Racing 2T 300 and 200

In the previous model year Beta made some changes to the power unit to enhance the performance of the RR Racing 2T 300 and 200 models, which remain unchanged in the MY 2023 model year. The 300 cc and 200 cc Racing engines therefore differ from the basic models in the following respects:

  • RR 200 2T: The 200cc engine also retains a different cylinder head to the standard version, as well as a single, stiffer power valve, instead of the two used in the RR. All this contributes to increasing power at mid to high engine speeds.

The RR 200 Racing is road legal, ADR approved and LAMS compliant in all Australian states and territories.

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